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Nation Rural Independents (NRI) ‘Trusted by Farmers’ TV Campaign advertisement 2016-2017 - 15 second introduction to your Trusted Advisor in your Rural Area.

NRI Limited

Self made individuals who are unified in purpose with a vision of the future. These are the shareholders of National Rural Independents (NRI) Limited, a prestigious new retail force in rural Australia. With the backing of global supplier companies, NRI was established in 2001 to underpin the prosperity of independent resellers across Australia. NRI is an unlisted public company. It's founders are professional rural resellers who share a vision for a brighter, more prosperous future for fellow independents. Built upon a philosophy of full transparency and equal status, NRI is unique among independent distribution groups, offering true equity and genuine wealth-creating opportunities for all shareholders. And by removing unnecessary links in the supply chain, NRI offers a totally retail-focused, efficient and profitable distribution channel into rural Australia.

Quite an achievement in today's challenging rural merchandise market!


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Trusted by Farmers

Securing the future for independent resellers
& their farmer customers