Self made individuals who are unified in purpose with a vision of the future. These are the shareholders of National Rural Independents (NRI) Limited, a prestigious new retail force in rural Australia. With the backing of global supplier companies, NRI was established in 2001 to underpin the prosperity of independent resellers across Australia. NRI is an unlisted public company. It's founders are professional rural resellers who share a vision for a brighter, more prosperous future for fellow independents. Built upon a philosophy of full transparency and equal status, NRI is unique among independent distribution groups, offering true equity and genuine wealth-creating opportunities for all shareholders. And by removing unnecessary links in the supply chain, NRI offers a totally retail-focused, efficient and profitable distribution channel into rural Australia. Quite an achievement in today's challenging rural merchandise market!

Peter Brasnett

Lachlan Agencies joined NRI in December 2010 and is a family owned and operated company which is now run by the 3rd generation of Brasnett’s Peter & Stephen. It was established in 1973 and has been servicing the Condobolin district for over 40 years. It started out as a pump & irrigation supplier and has now diversified into agricultural chemicals, fertiliser, animal health & nutrition, fencing, welding, seed & general merchandise.

Peter Brasnett
Andrew Martion

Martion Rural is a 100% locally owned agricultural business located in Rainbow in the Southern Mallee. We pride ourselves on delivering up to date agronomic advice and livestock agent services as well as the supply of agricultural chemical, fertiliser and buying and selling grain.

Andrew Martion
Wes & Lisa Schmidt

Agsave Merchandise is a broad acre farm inputs retailer on the North Eastern side of the Eyre Peninsula. Trading for 30 years, Agsave is a family owned and operated business. Agsave employs local agronomists and staff, who provide a range of agronomic & technical advisory services including farm planning and recommendations. The Agsave team’s primary focus is to service their growers and supply the best available quality products. Agsave aims to minimise costs, maximise yields and produce the best gross margins. We are Agents for Hardi Boomspray parts, Seed & Forage Silo bags, dealers of Davimac Chaser Bins and we also stock a wide range of rural merchandise items.

Wes & Lisa Schmidt
Bernie Delaney

Discount prices on a wide range of generic and brand name farm equipment, fences, tools and supplies with back up and service you can rely on. Nobody does farm and dairy supplies quite like The Dairy Shop. We offer a versatile and affordable array of farm supplies, dairy equipment and milking supplies. Our goal is to provide you with vital pieces of equipment that are not available at the local supply store, and to ship that equipment to you in a timely and affordable fashion. Purchasing equipment has never been this easy and cost effective.

Bernie Delaney
Neil Earl

Cowaramup Agencies is a family owned business based in the Margaret River region of WA, and has grown with south-west farmers for 50 years, to be one of the region’s largest independent agricultural suppliers. Through National Buying Group NRI, we have direct accounts and access to all Key Supply Companies with the ability to offer a full range of inputs into the Viticulture, Dairy, Winery, Beef and Sheep Industry throughout the region.

Neil Earl
Dylan Southwood

Welcome to J & D Southwood Pty Ltd (established 1956). Southwoods are a rural merchandise and machinery dealer at Maitland located on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. We offer mechanical workshop and on farm repairs and agronomic information to the rural community on Yorke Peninsula.

Dylan Southwood




Today, the spirit of Australia’s independent rural reseller burns with pride and purpose. But it wasn’t always so. By 2001, after a decade of buyouts and mergers, corporations had almost come to dominate the national farm input market. Adding insult to injury, this was a market pioneered by independent, mostly family-owned and operated businesses committed to servicing their local rural community. Meanwhile, global suppliers had also merged into bigger corporations, closing small reseller accounts and leaving many to source product from fickle wholesale markets. Out of this turbulence, a few of the nation’s more visionary independents came together in July that year declaring “enough is enough!” They figured the only way to counter the rising corporate threat was to harness their own collective power. Drawing on their survival wits and gut instinct for self preservation, they forged a unique co-operative structure and business plan upon which to build the best buying group in rural Australia!

Biting the bullet.
Securing the future.


NRI combines the strategic planning capability of a corporation with the premium service ethos of an independent reseller network. Under the leadership of national business managers, NRI has dedicated focus groups that develop sales and promotional plans for key markets including broadacre cropping, animal health, sugar, horticulture and viticulture and general merchandise. These commercial and technical groups attract Shareholders from Australia-wide who value the windfalls that come through pre-season planning and group purchasing. Insights into emerging markets, new products, trading terms and group promotional strategies are also highly valued. True to its strategic plan, NRI remains focused on retail and stays out of wholesaling. This means lower overheads and operating costs than other rural buying groups today. It’s a fact not lost on the many new suppliers seeking a viable distribution route into rural Australia.

If you build it,
they will come


The NRI group is renowned for its bold leadership and intimate knowledge of Australia’s independent reseller sector, which NRI Independents control a large proportion. To enhance group competitiveness, NRI invites all Shareholders to an exclusive three-day conference, coinciding with the annual general meeting.  Through a blend of business and social activity, these conferences spark networks and collaboration among Shareholders and their partners from all over the country. World-class speakers share insights on how to manage retail operations more professionally and profitably, reducing commercial risks down the track.  Back home behind the retail counter the learning continues. The group hosts sales and technical training throughout the year and publishes its own independent newsletter, promoting friendship and fraternity while stimulating debate about the challenges ahead. Tackling issues like business succession, asset protection and collective marketing, NRI is a true partner, helping independents to create and retain wealth.

And be what they want to be.



NRI has been remarkably successful at harnessing the collective power of its membership for commercial gain. In 2005, it was the first independent buying group to succeed with central desk negotiations with the global supply companies, greatly improving buying power and profitability. Not surprisingly, our Shareholders invariably report significant profit improvements after joining the group. This helps NRI Independents to be more competitive at the farm gate. Success with collated buying is due to the discipline, confidentiality and professionalism inherent within the NRI group from the outset. Negotiating on behalf of Shareholders, NRI has trimmed its supplier ranks to those who are genuinely committed in the group’s survival and prosperity. All Shareholders have well-established relationships with suppliers and are large enough in scale to manage their own accounts and inventory. That’s why NRI has no warehouse, no inventory and no accounts department.

Changing the rules.
Sharing the rewards.


All NRI Shareholders have equal voting rights in the appointment of board directors who guide the commercial direction of their company. Board seats are vacated annually via rotation so new directors can be appointed by majority vote, giving Shareholders some valuable control over the company that sustains their livelihoods. NRI believes in sustaining the lifeblood of rural Australia and building the wealth of regional towns. Not just financial wealth but also spiritual wealth - something that only comes through open dialogue, friendship and working with country people for mutual benefit. Every day, NRI people are advising farmers on crop and pasture production, animal health and nutrition, seed and fertiliser use – the complete package – all with local knowledge on climatic trends, soil properties and profit expectations. This willingness to share knowledge and create opportunity is helping NRI and its customers to grow and prosper. With each new season, more Shareholders join. As their sales and profits grow, more momentum is added to the group’s collective power. Since 2001, NRI has grown from nine founding Shareholders to more than 100 today.

From little things,
big things grow.