National Rural Independents

Supplier Details

ITS is a company established to focus on the marketing, sales, service and support of a specialized range of products for the safe and environmentally friendly handling of agricultural, general and industrial fluids, petroleum products, both on and offshore |and chemicals. We support our broad market from the OEM/ Contractor to the end-user, the latter via a strategically located network of agents, stockists and resellers throughout Australia.

Key products in our portfolio include:

  • Micromatic Drum Valve closed coupling systems
  • Sotera Agchemical dispensing pumps and flowmeters
  • Emco Wheaton Dry Breaks and specialist Refueling Nozzles
  • TODO &| TODO-Matic Dry Breaks, Gas Couplings &| Breakaways
  • FILL-RITE Fuel Dispensing Pumps and Flowmeters
  • EW Swivel Joints
  • Rotaflow Engineered Swivel Joints &| Rotary Joints
  • EW Safety Folding Stairs
  • EW Tank Truck Equipment
  • EW Marine and Terminal Loading Arms and Spare Parts
  • SafeRack Loading Racks, Stairs, Ramps and Gangways
  • Clay &| Bailey AST Overfill Protection systems and alarms
  • Betts Stainless Steel Tanker Fittings
  • Solimar Dry bulk transport Fluidizers &| Hatches