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For many years local scientists, Dr Steve Carr and Dr Angelo Loi, were driven by a belief that the legume seed inoculation process could be transformed if a suitable medium could be found to house the rhizobium bacteria. After testing and abandoning a range of materials they teamed up with Bill and Bob Scott, two farmers based in Watheroo, who owned WA s largest bentonite deposits and were looking for alternative uses for the material. Countless hours of testing finally resulted in the production of a dry, granular product that could provide all of the advantages that the team was hoping to achieve.

The name ALOSCA® is a combination of the names of the discoverers with the process developed now under patent application in key markets around the world. Other people, primarily members of the agriculture fraternity, were quick to realise the revolutionary nature of the product and the benefits that it would bring to pasture and cropping industries alike and invested in the business. The initial focus for the resultant company, ALOSCA Technologies Pty Ltd, has been to establish a firm position in Western Australia with a view to taking this innovative product, and its potential derivatives, to the rest of the country and around the world.

The development of the ALOSCA Technology is a success story driven by a group of people with local knowledge and a commitment to the improvement of WA agriculture.