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FELCO tools are available in 3 different product ranges:

Using the Green range, FELCO offers a vast choice of tools for professionals dedicated to horticulture, whatever their field of activity.

Whether their work involves pruning work or fructification pruning, pruning and regeneration of trees and shrubs, there is a FELCO for every wine producer, landscape gardener and fruit grower. Hoof clippers are popular amongst caprine and ovine rearers.

The Green range features one-hand pruning shears, two-hand pruning shears, pull-stroke pruning saws, picking and trimming snips, grafting and pruning knives and is designed for both demanding professionals and amateurs.

The tools that feature as part of the Power-assisted range are especially designed for extremely intensive work.

Whether they are pneumatically or electrically powered, the tools reduce the amount of muscle power needed. Essentially, they reduce the demanding nature of work. These high-tech tools additionally boast advanced ergonomics, popular with both demanding professionals and amateurs.

Using the Power-assisted range, FELCO s aim is to help its customers maximize their productivity.

The FELCO wire and cable cutters are the result of 60 years of experience. World leaders in this field, FELCO offers a complete range of cutting tools for all types of industrial applications.

The material used for the cutting heads and the applied heat treatments make the FELCO wire and cable cutters unique in their field.

FELCO, pioneers of the triangular-cut, guarantee a clean, precise cut, without squashing cable strands. The result is pure perfection: the circular-cut makes swaging or splicing work much easier.