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Gallagher Australia has an impressive portfolio of world class products focused on animal management and business security systems. Gallagher Animal Management Systems are the market leader in electric fencing and animal weigh systems. Our comprehensive range of portable and permanent electric fencing products provide cost effective, durable fencing for every farm. Whilst our weigh systems drive farm profitability through animal recording, weigh bars, NLIS Readers and stock handling equipment. Gallagher Security Management Systems are world leaders in Perimeter Security Fencing and Detection Systems. Gallagher PowerFence, Security Fencing systems are installed to meet Australian Standards 3016 and 3129 and the even more stringent Gallagher Code of Practice. The range of Insens and Tuatwire detection systems are unique, cost effective solutions that can be used on any perimeter application. To buy Gallagher equipment is to buy a complete package of product, service and support.