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In the supplement market for 12 years.
Beachport Liquid Minerals is a trusted family company with a ‘real’ commitment to rural Australia. We manufacture and distribute liquid livestock supplements for cattle, sheep & horses, with the aim to create a paradigm shift within the industry and an innovative new way to approach supplementation. One of our goals was to create a versatile, safe and beneficial product that is easily administered, saving livestock producers’ time and money.

In the past, water medication was costly to install, time-consuming and the urea component added to the risk of livestock mortalities. With extensive research, we have solved these issues, making water medication safe and simple.

After years of research and trials, we developed a range of products containing not only trace elements, but also natural electrolytes and amino acids through the use of seagrass/kelp. This 3-in-1 combination aids in the feed conversion of both dry and green feed with improved absorption in the rumen and retention in the bloodstream, naturally increasing the production of livestock.

Today, Beachport Liquid Minerals is distributed via 14 key warehouses around Australia and are available to purchase through all good Rural Merchandise stores, including Elders and Landmark.