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Animals are our Passion
We believe in a future in which no animal suffers from a preventable disease. It is a world in which the best way to ensure an animal’s wellbeing is to prevent it from becoming unwell in the first place.

Boehringer Ingelheim provides advanced, preventive animal healthcare. We develop vaccines, parasiticides and pharmaceuticals that protect animals against disease and pain. And we develop new therapies to help those who care for animals to manage chronic diseases more effectively, limiting pain and slowing down disease progression.

Across the globe, we are creating the future of animal wellbeing. It is a future defined by science and powered by innovation. The population of companion animals and its importance for humans is steadily increasing. The demand for animal protein is rising. Animal-originated diseases remain a continuous risk to human beings. We must go beyond medicine to better predict, detect and prevent animal diseases before they arise.

Animal wellbeing enriches humanity. From the vets dedicated to the highest patient care, to the livestock owners who depend on the health of their herds, to the families looking after much-loved pets, animal health and happiness is a vital part of a functional society. We care for well beings, animals and humans. This is why our commitment to preventive care matters.