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Supplier Details

Victorian Chemical Company is a manufacturer and marketer of specialty agricultural and industrial oleo-chemicals. Established in 1933 near the centre of Melbourne, Australia, the company has built a world-wide reputation for the development and supply of innovative and customised products. In the early years, Victorian Chemicals concentrated on serving the textile and tanning industries that were booming in the inner city.

During the 1980's several other agricultural products were developed including Bloat control Products for cattle and Insecticidal spray oils for Horticulture. During the 1990s development work focused on adjuvants for Broadacre applications. HASTEN™ is the key product to be commercialised from this work that is now distributed in many countries.

Into the new millennium, Victorian Chemicals remains committed to providing our customers with high performing, environmentally responsible products by utilising the skills, knowledge and experience of our staff.