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Supplier Details

Agro Alliance (Australia) Pty Ltd is an innovative company established to facilitate the supply of agri chemical products to Australian farmers and in so doing, help those farmers to maximize the productivity of their operations. Mainly provides fertilizer, glyphosate, trifluralin, paraquat and herbicide.

Agro Alliance has been created to act as the link between a select group of manufacturers and formulators in China and our Australian client base.

Our mission is to provide a level of professionalism and reliability of service not matched by our competitors and to become expert listeners and expert doers and thus create valuable alliances within the agri chemical industry in Australia.

Agro Alliance brings to the market a real &ldquo|can-do&rdquo| attitude and an open mind that encourages business innovation and flexibility.

Besides our strong herbicides (Glypohosate, Trifluralin, Paraquat etc) and Organic Fertilizer, Agro-Alliance currently offer a selection of the more significant and important agri chemical formulations and will continue to bring new and innovative products to the market as we grow and develop our relationships with the key industry sectors.

Agro Alliance...your link to profitability