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Our mission statement is to provide customers with web advertising that will create extra business and generates more customers. No Business is too big or too small for our services. "We will always deliver an excellent product, have timely services and support our customers in achieving their goals on the Net."



William and I started online business services, to give all businesses small and large a web presence that they could afford. I know the difficulties of trying to stay open and make profits from sales. I remember how I would invest in flyer advertising in Moree District and surrounding areas. The cost would be $2000.00 dollars. For the out lay, I received little returns and if I wanted to change information in the flyer, it would again cost 2000.00 dollars to have the flyers change and delivered to the home owner.

I also know the pressures of not knowing how to set up web sites. My goals with online business services, is to do the designing, developing and hosting for your business. This give you the web presence and away to advertise your products and sale days. With the cost of one flyers drop, you have payed for one year hosting; you can change your products and video presentation at any time. Add sale days any time you want too. Have advertising running 24 hours per day and night.

The ability to be contacted by customers, using your online form. Build a client database of customers, who contact your business by emails. I know what you are thinking, what this man knows of the hardships of surviving retail business, I operated a jewellery business in Moree for 45 years. I survived the good times and the bad times. But I know this, if a business is not on the web, it will not survive in the future years to come. Customers work long hours and will surf the internet for products and sales. With the cost of fuel and long distant calls. The internet user is the future shopper of the future.

To get that much needed sale dollars, you must be on the internet to get these sales. Let me end by saying, lets make a dollar together, with a online shopping centre, what one site traffic bring to their own site, is a customer for another site. Easy shopping for the customer and sales dollars for the business owner.

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